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We are a young and ambitious Tourism & Travel Services company with its
mission to find unique solutions in order to provide memorable holidays for
travellers in Crete, satisfying their needs and exceeding expectation,
simultaneously respecting environment and society.

Our Goals:

  •  To be professional tourism team, focusing on performance and actions that brings the most return on investment
  •  Development and expansion of touristic products
  •  Increasing the number of discerning and repeat visitors
  •  Seasonality issue solution
  •  Built strong mutually-beneficial relationship with local and external businesses


Presently our company focuses on the following directions:

  • Travel& Tourist Agent
    • Today our company is the only one in Crete offering services for traveler all year round
  • Ipad Rental in Greece
    • iPadInGreece rentals is a highly professional iPad rental service organization providing extremely low rates alongside a very friendly, highly professional rental services
  • TheNewCrete Application
    • The most complete informative guide for the island of Crete
  • Car Rentals
    • Brand-new diesel& petrol cars (2014-2015) for more comfort and economy

Auto tour-There is much more to see! Wish to explore and learn more about Crete, but do not know how to do it?
According to Greek National Tourism Organization Crete ranks as 1st most popular Greek tourism destination with total number of visitors of more than 2 000 000 per season. Nevertheless, do all the visitors leave Crete with positive experience?
We believe that every destination needs its own approach. Therefore, we conducted a research that showed us the importance of the way of travelling in Crete. We interview travelers from 20 to 60 years old during last three years. Based on this survey data we can now conclude that
1. Crete is not only Hotel and Beach vacation destination, but also a "MUST VISIT" place where the locals from outlying villages are happy to share with traveler their magical landscapes, ancient treasures, dreamy villages, interesting traditions and delicious cuisine.
2. Today more and more people plan their holiday by themselves- booking airplane ticket, hotel accommodation and car rent separately, in order to discover jewels of the island.
On this basis, Company Ops Crete P.C. has developed unique and helpful product in face of Auto-tour services. Our new travel package enables less developed local businesses to become more popular and have greater flow of visitors and it also helps travelers to explore the island of Crete more easily
Auto-tour packages combine car rental and accommodation services as mandatory; where accommodation location will vary according to chosen package, (p.s. we offer several locations for accommodation for one package).

TheNewCrete App

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Get exclusive discounts on eat and drink, go shopping. Your own private tour guide with routes, tourist locations and more... The most complete app for Crete!

Download now Free on: 

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