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  • Технические работы

    На данный момент сайт на котором вы сейчас находитесь находится в процессе технических работ. 

    Актуальные цены на автомобили и их доступность Вы можете найти на нашем новом полностью автоматизированном сайте 

    Извиняемся за предоставленное вам неудобство и надеемся на понимание! 

Collecting personal information through the site

Site visitors, in order to gain access to certain services offered online, are asked to submit to information regarded as "personal". By submitting the information requested, it means that the visitor also consents to its further processing. makes use of this personal information solely for the achievement of the purposes mentioned in the collection points. The information collected is limited to what is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the purpose referred to, and is in accordance with article 4, par. 1 (a) of the 2472/97 law on "Protection of the individual against personal information processing".

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